Paycheck for Life

Best seminar I ever did. I like that it gets right to the point and focuses only on annuities. People know why they are there and what they are going to hear about. It’s easy to put on and clear and concise. I would recommend it to anyone in the business.

– Randy 

Use the same seminar that produced the following four annuity sales for one agent in just 10 days: $275K… $380K… $80K… and $390K!

What’s the secret? Stop talking around annuities and start talking about them!

Paycheck for Life is the exclusive seminar program, developed and used in the field by producer Steve DeJohn, that talks about ALL annuities – the pros and cons!

Gain momentum in the annuity market using these three simple tools:

  • Quick hitting slides covering the pros and cons of ALL annuities; build credibility by covering both sides.
  • Three extremely powerful videos that’ll “wow” your audience (and increase appointments)
  • Appointment sales sheet that was developed by Steve DeJohn over 15 years – a must-have!

Join the leading FMO for independent agents.