Our Vision

Synergy. Solutions. Success.


As an experienced, full-service FMO, we know what it takes to propel our valued financial professionals to the next level. We’re with you every step of the way, connecting you to like-minded agents while cementing your place in the field with our expertly crafted resources.

Our business is focused on one thing – teaching and assisting you to find qualified prospects and meet their retirement financial needs. With the success you’ll experience with DBHC, you’ll never feel the need to look for another FMO again.

Our Approach Includes:

  • Putting you in front of quality prospects
  • Offering you tools and techniques to help you convert prospects into clients
  • Providing quality training on a routine basis
  • Offering a marketing reimbursement program
  • Having a team of seasoned professionals to help you with case design and new business follow-up

Obstacles holding back your business?