Client Videos: Retirement Income Solutions

Marketing and closing business is easy with our three videos that flat-out get results

With more than 30,000 in circulation, our marketing videos engage and educate prospects, perfectly prepping them to take the next step in the planning process… with you!

Retain your Gains

The Retain Your Gains video shows your clients how a fixed indexed annuity works and how beneficial it can be to their retirement goals. It uses easy-to-understand concepts to inform clients about red money (risky investments) and green money (safe investments). It also illustrates a five-year example of the market going up and down, and how clients can retain their gains even in bad years. This is a must-play video prior to every single appointment.

Paycheck for Life

“What if I outlive my retirement?” This video shows clients how they can use the assets they have now and calculate exactly what paycheck they could have for the rest of their lives. Talk about powerful! It illustrates an IRA and a 401(k) rollover being repositioned into a fixed indexed annuity with an income rider, and then receiving paychecks for life!

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