The WorryFree Retirement® Network

The WorryFree Retirement® Network can transform your life and practice from a daily work to a daily walk. Are you ready to talk the talk and walk the walk?

The WorryFree Retirement® Network is a unique turn-key process featuring both a business model to help members grow their practice and a process that will teach them how to help Savers worry less about money.® The Network unites passionate annuity producers, Dressander|BHC, and one of the most respected and seasoned annuity advisors in the country—30-year veteran Tony Walker.

The WorryFree Retirement® Network Open House
May 13-14, 2015, in Bowling Green, KY
No fee • No obligation • Attendance includes 30-minute coaching/consultation session with Tony Walker
Call 800-201-0224 for more information.

"Undoubtedly, the WorryFree Retirement® process has given me great confidence to speak with those at or near retirement. Being a part of Tony’s network has provided me a unique and defined process to guide people through. In the little time I've been a part of the network, it has already paid for itself in a BIG way! I recently closed $700,000 in annuity premiums that I directly credit to the WorryFree Retirement® process. I was up against several other “financial professionals” and the WorryFree Retirement® process is what set me apart. There simply isn't anything like it in this industry!"
– David L., Inaugural Network member

The WFR Network takes a new and different approach

While helping agents make good money is certainly a major objective of the program, it is certainly not the only one. The Network provides a unique venue of personal study and development as like-minded members build a reputation that is the envy of the industry and the pride of their clients. The sole purpose of agents in the network is simple: to help Savers create a game plan so they can enjoy a WorryFree Retirement® while increasing their production. Members have access to all of the tools Tony created to build his $30-million practice.

For more information, take a look at this short clip from a recent WorryFree Retirement® event.

Meet the founder of the network: Tony Walker